Who Likes Mushrooms…?

Kia’s push to include more recycled and natural products in the production of our motor vehicles has seen some big advances in reducing our carbon footprint in conjunction with outside the box thinking. Kia is proud to be a major partner of The Ocean Cleanup, a global not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to clean up our waterways. Boyan Slat, a young Dutch inventor and entrepreneur is the founder of The Ocean Cleanup – an ingenious venture he devised after making plastics floating in the ocean the subject of a high school project. Kia’s partnership enables us to use recycled plastics in our vehicles, with the new EV9 having 34 kilograms of recycled material in each car. Apart from recycled materials from the ocean, our engineers are now working on developing interiors of vehicles from mycelium or the root material from which mushrooms sprout!


With over 25 years' experience in vehicles sales, financing and remarketing - most recently coming up to 14 years at Kia Australia, the General Manager – Fleet at Kia Australia has seen the automotive landscape change dramatically. Whilst the push to lower cost of ownership has always been a key factor for Fleet Managers, the introduction of EVs and with them, their numerous advantages have brought about positive change. Chris and his dedicated team have developed the knowledge to help others in their decision making processes and are excited to work with all levels of Government across Australia to assist their transition to LEVs and BEVs.

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