Charging Electric Fleet of Local Governments

Embracing sustainability and efficiency, 'Fleet Electrification for Local Government' explores the transformative journey toward electric vehicle adoption in municipal fleets. This presentation navigates the unique challenges and opportunities faced by local governments in transitioning from traditional to electric fleets. From financial considerations and infrastructure development to the integration of charging solutions, the discussion delves into the strategic planning essential for successful electrification.

Case studies showcase real-world implementations, emphasising the environmental impact, economic benefits, and improved community engagement. With a focus on tailored solutions for both urban and regional contexts, the presentation aims to equip local government officials with insights to make informed decisions, fostering a greener, more sustainable future for public fleets.


Ali Moradi Amani received a PhD degree in control engineering from RMIT University, Australia in 2020. He is now a research fellow at the School of Engineering at RMIT University and the technical manager of the RMIT Electric Vehicle Living Laboratory. His research interests include control systems, complex networks, and the integration of electric vehicles into the grid.

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