Optimising Your Transition to Net Zero

Your fleet transition roadmap to net zero will not look the same as anybody else’s. Undoubtedly you will have shared problem statements however the solutions need to be 100% unique and mapped to your specific operating landscape to ensure your transition is sustainable.

Transitioning your fleet to electric is likely to require investment, ensuring that you are transitioning the right type of vehicle, the right number of vehicles and in the right location is critical in ensuring you are not over investing and spending money where it is not needed – An optimised transition!

We will talk you through some key questions you will need to ask and provide some easy solutions as to how these can be solved.


Karen is partner and co-founder of CATCH Commercial Partners alongside Melvin Worth, a consultancy focused on delivering value for its clients through improved commercial outcomes and more recently, a software-based services company focused specifically on accelerating sustainable fleet decarbonisation outcomes.

CATCH Commercial is an All of Government accredited Consultancy with extensive experience in delivering Fleet Optimisation and Transition Services across a magnitude of sectors including sustainable energy; emergency, incident and civil response; healthcare; and both state sector agencies and local government.

Karen is passionate about making it easier for organisations to lower their environmental impact through practical and achievable action and Fleetonomics has become a key platform to deliver this for organisations focused on accelerating these outcomes through a lower emission fleet.

She is a business transformation and strategic commercial leader with over 23 years’ experience supporting global enterprise supply chains and growing organisational capability through people, process and systems.

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