Towards Net Zero Fleet Management: Unlocking the Value in Battery Stewardship

This presentation explores the safety and environmental benefits of sustainable fleet transition. Focused on the strategic importance of responsible battery stewardship, the talk presents a roadmap for the transition and looks at some of the challenges for achieving net zero as fleet stewards. It illustrates how circularity in battery stewardship not only reduces environmental impacts but also future proofs fleet operations. B-cycle looks forward to working together to explore what fleet stewardship could look like and how best to achieve a net-zero future in fleet management.


As CEO of the Battery Stewardship Council Libby has led the charge to establish B-cycle, Australia’s national battery stewardship scheme. The model is a unique approach that has the capacity to rapidly increase battery collection rates in this country. For the past 10 years, Libby has specialised in electronics and battery stewardship, working in the US, Canada and South Korea for clients such as the Green Electronics Council, the US EPA, the International Sustainable Development Foundation, and numerous electronic-waste recyclers. Libby has a strong focus on facilitating product stewardship at the national level by understanding the impact of life cycle dynamics on achieving responsible end-of-life outcomes.

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