Training to Support an Emerging Electric Vehicle Fleet

As consumers transition to electric vehicles, so will industry’s need to upskill to meet this demand. Training Providers will be required to provide different levels of training to suit the variance in experience and capability within the industry. Training must promote safety and support the transition to alternative fuels, especially as industry faces a growing skills shortage as the aging workforce moves to retirement. How will this be achieved? And how can we encourage the industry to train?


Nigel Muller is VACC’s Executive Manager for Training and TACC, managing VACC’s Group Training Organisation, its Skills Development Centre (SDC), Project Department and Tasmanian operations. The VACC is an employer organisation representing the interests of the automotive industry and its members are predominantly small business employers numbering in excess of 5,000 across Victoria and Tasmania.

Nigel's areas of responsibility include Tasmanian operations and managing the multi-award winning Group Training Organisation that employs over 550 apprentices and trainees across Victoria and Tasmania. He also managers the Skills Development Centre which provides specialised training to technicians and managers across the automotive sector. The SDC's projects area is currently implementing a project from the State Governments Innovation Fund supporting Women in Non-Traditional Trades.

Nigel has over 35 year's experience in the automotive industry, 15 of those in Vocational Education, the remaining in other various management roles in the automotive sector including running his own automotive family business.

Nigel sits on sector committees at State and National levels representing industry on training and educational matters. Nigel is an Australian VET alumni member.

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