Practical Learnings Mobilising an EV Pilot

Australian Red Cross Society mobilised a modest pilot of EV vehicles in different locations in Australia. Over the past year and a half some practical learnings have emerged along with some interesting and funny anecdotes. The Fleet team have worked with suppliers and clients to manage the mobilisation and create a successful environment for all involved.
This presentation presents those practical findings including:
• Tips on how best to engage with drivers for a successful experience
• Charging infrastructure, hidden costs and traps
• Maximising carbon reduction through the right mix of cars


Prior to joining Australian Red Cross Society, Paul has held a number of roles including Accountant, Sales Representative, Marketing, Procurement for organisations such as Kraft Foods, Jenny Criag, and Medibank Private. Paul Sor has worked with the Australian Red Cross Society for 10 years in a variety of roles, including having responsibility for the national vehicle fleet. During the period managing fleet he undertook a wholesale transformation of the nearly 500 vehicles under management at the time which led to being awarded AfMA Fleet Manager of the year in 2020. Calling himself a “Specialist Generalist,” Paul worked with the Fleet Team at Red Cross supervising an Electric Vehicle Pilo. This undertaking provided valuable lessons. Paul continues to share the knowledge gained during this pilot.

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