Toyota Australia’s Energy Activities

The presentation will cover Toyota’s globally-adopted multi-Directional Strategy and what this means for the Customer, along with some insights into what Toyota’s R&D team are working on and how is Toyota tapping into non traditional Value Chain opportunities.


Philip is Senior Manager, Energy Projects & Carbon Policy for Toyota Australia.

Philip has worked in the mobility Industry for over 40 years, commencing with Toyota in South Australia in 1982.Throughout this time, Philip has taken on a vast array of roles across Sales & Marketing, Franchise Development, Transformational Management, Regional Management (SA & NT) & National Fleet sales. All these roles strengthened Philip’s strategic thinking, business acumen and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time, all key attributes for the current Energy (H2) role.

Having an extensive knowledge of Fleet through his role as Senior Manager, National Fleet and the strong relationships built in that role provides a wide network of Customers across Governments and large industries that can be accessed to support the development of the Hydrogen Ecosystem in Australia.Through these relationships several projects have already developed across Fuel Cell product placement, Fuel Cell integration and infrastructure investment.

Philip’s primary focus has been to not only increase stakeholder engagement but also the awareness and education of the vast array of opportunities a Hydrogen society can deliver both locally & globally.

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